Wolf Vocalization & Communication Research

Bob Andrews

The primary investigator in the research team is Bob Andrews.  Bob is an avid outdoorsman.  This former taxidermist and professional angler developed an interest in wolf vocalization during the mid 1990's and has been honing his "calling" skills for over two decades now.  He has over 40 years of combined wolf howling and calling experience.  Bob has perfected his human rendition of a wolf 's call, to the point where he has been able to identify various calls of wolf vocalization. This allows him to communicate with and often times predict movement and vocal responses from packs and individual pack members.  His techniques have afforded him the ability to actually entice wolves into close proximity of a particular call site.  Bob serves as the teams principle investigator and primary caller for the Wolftalkers* research project.

Bob is accompanied by his colleague Roger Linton.  Both Roger and Bob share the same interest in wolves, studying their behaviour and vocalizations.

Roger Linton

Roger is another outdoor enthusiast who has a deep passion for photography, audio recording and wildlife adventures which obviously includes North American wolves and they're cousins, the coyotes.  Roger has much experience within the wilderness areas of North America and has spent a great deal of time exploring, photographing and recording the sights and sounds of nature in the remote landscapes of Northern Ontario and in other parts of Canada.  His knowledge and experience with video and photography equipment, as well as audio recording techniques, allows him to analyze each howl and assist the team in determining an applied meaning to the call in order to establish a bases for what we believe to be the existence of a "wolf language".

"Together, our combined experience and knowledge serve to solidify and afford the ability to gather pertinent scientific data which will be utilized to establish a higher level of understanding for one of North Americas top land predator ... the Wolf"