Photo from Wesley Liikane

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Wolf Vocalization & Communication Research

Why we do it?

We seek to advocate for the wolf and to educate others in order to elevate mans knowledge and understanding of the higher form of intellectual structure of this noble animal. To promote awareness of wolf behavior, social activity and its superior verbalism abilities to communicate, which may in fact be equivalent to that of a hierarchy structured language, more commonly attributed to and associated more closely with other animal species considered to be of higher levels of intellectual thought processing capabilities such as whales, dolphins and of course…man.

In our opinion, the wolf continues to be unjustly persecuted.  Since the first migration of the European settles onto the soils of North America, man has pursued, molested, tormented, hunted and slaughtered the wolf.  We continue to view it as an entity, representative of evil.  Thoughts, instilled into our minds through childhood memories of folklore, fables, fairy tales, bedtime stories and of course, Hollywood.

Although, it undoubtedly continues to be one of North America’s most studied land predator, we believe the wolf to be one of the most misunderstood and misperceived animals upon the planet.  Globally, and in parts of North America, the wolf has been pushed to the brink of possible extinction, due to the lack of appropriate hunting and conservation laws governing the future of its existence.  It truly is a species at risk.  Worthy and deserving of more consideration and respect than mere vermin.

We believe that much can be learned from the wolf, which may be beneficial to mankind.  Its loyalty and commitment to family.  Its community cohesiveness and care for the group.  Its abilities to survive, even within a world that threatens and seeks to annihilate.  In these trying times, survival is a major concern.  The wolf is a survivor.  Man, may serve well to take heed and learn from the wolf, in order to secure the survival of our own future.

Our purpose?  To promote and elevate the status of the wolf to a more appropriate and acceptable level of social awareness.  On our doorstep lay one of the most incredible and intelligent creatures that roams our North American landscape.  Yet, in man’s continuous and relentless pursuit, we endure to destroy and remove this noble and majestic animal from our wilderness areas.  Should we allow the wolf to be erased from the woodlands and forests, the loss to our generation and the generations of tomorrow, will be insurmountable.  To observe its destruction and do absolutely nothing would be a global disgrace.  Not only to the wolf, but mankind as a whole.

There remains but two (2) audible icons representing a true connection with nature.  The haunting call of a loon and the lonely howl of a wolf.  Should the sound of either vanish from the North American wilderness, its voice will remain silenced…forever.

Should we ever allow this to occur, I have but one response…

”Shame on us all!”


This audio was taken in late October, as the pups are maturing. Listen to the adults in the background and the adult with the pups, as they entice the pups to communicate.